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How to improve your French at home?

Learning French at home has never been so easy since the invention of the Internet. People have gained access to thousands of online materials and resources. But sometimes they are overwhelmed with too much information and it is difficult to select the one that would be helpful. In order to help you, the Alliance Française de Philadelphie has selected for you some  useful French materials online.  

Teachers Appreciation Week (4) French news

Numerous  French newspapers are now available online. People can read articles freely or subscribe to get access to more contents. The more influential daily newspapers are:

And the most famous weekly newspapers are:  

Reading a press article per day will allow you to continue improving your French skills, to learn new vocabulary and to work on grammar. Reading aloud is also recommended to improve your fluency, your confidence and your pronunciation.

Teachers Appreciation Week (5)  French Radios

Let’s now focus on the oral comprehension. And one more time, nothing is easier than that, you are spoilt for choice, French radios offer podcasts and live streaming.  

The advantage of podcasts? You can listen to the podcast whenever and wherever you want.

10 minutes of French per day will help you to improve faster: you review some grammar, learn vocabulary and idioms, and listen to French accent.

Teachers Appreciation Week (3)  Relax in French: Watch French series and movies

A good way to learn a language is to watch series in your target languages with subtitles in your native language. Once you feel confident enough, switch to French subtitles and then no subtitles at all..

Where can you find French movies?

But also on:

  • Netflix: Call my agent, Blind date, Marguerite, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, What’s in a name, …
  • Amazon: I’ve loved you so long, Joyeux Noël.
  • Itunes.
  • MhZ choice : A French Village, Magellan, Braquo, Spiral, … 
  • Or come to the Alliance and borrow a DVD.


your online French library

L’Alliance Française de Philadelphie is proud to offer this amazing new benefit for our members: Culturethèque. Accessing French magazines and books in the United States is sometimes difficult and expensive, but necessary when it comes to learning a new language and improve one’s skills. That’s why the Alliance Française joined in August 2017 the Culturethèque network.

What is it?

Culturethèque USA is an online library. Through this platform, you can read, watch, listen and learn French. From your personal computer, tablet or smartphone, access to French magazines, listen to lectures and music, view shows, read French literature and enhanced your language skills with materials tailored to your needs.

You can access to this website 24/7. Culturethèque is used in over than 93 countries.

The administrators of the platform are always looking to update it and to give you access to the most recent or famous resources.

In a Nutshell:

  • 400 French magazines;
  • 1,000 books;
  • 200 comics;
  • 300 videos;
  • 370 materials.

How to subscribe to Culturethèque?

Culturethèque is free for the Alliance Française’s members. If you are not a member yet, go to our website and register.

To register on Culturethèque:

  1. Go to www.culturethèque.com
  2. Select French or English on top right hand corner
  3. Click “Inscrivez-vous” or “Subscribe”
  4. Create your login. Please use first and last name with no space as your user name (IE: janedoe) Be sure to select Alliance Française de Philadelphie in the drop down menu. You will then have a 24 trial period of this service.
  5. Alliance Française staff will confirm your membership and activate your account, please give us 24-hours during the week. On weekends, accounts will be verified on Monday.

Culturethèque, votre bibliothèque numérique from Institut français on Vimeo.


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