French world

Why learn French?

Why learn French?

Find some answers below (but there are a lot more, do not hesitate to add them by commenting this post).

Why learn French

French is, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continents.

In a nutshell:

  • 274 millions of people speak French in the world.
  • Each year, 125 millions people learn French.  
  • 76 millions people use French as a school language.
  • 49 millions people learn French as a foreign language.
  • 560 000 people learned French in Alliances françaises in 2015.
      • Turnover: 219 millions
      • Teachers: 7900
      • In average: 700 students per Alliance

Nearly 212 millions people live in the francophone galaxy. They use the French language daily in different contexts:

  • School or home language: children learn French at school or at home with their parents.
  • Official language: for administrative proceedings, professional relations, …
  • Social language: Thanks to it, people can communicate even if they don’t speak the same mother tongue.
  • Culture and communications language: used in media, cultural events and literature.


It is a career asset.

First, French is the language of international relations since it is the official language of the UN, NATO, International Red Cross and the Olympic Committee. And it is also used in many multinational companies!

This francophone world gathers people coming from every continent and culture.


French is a language of arts, sciences, gastronomy, wine and fashion.

Learning French will allow you to read Honoré de Balzac, Marcel Proust, Charles Baudelaire, Molière in the original language, to sing some of Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour songs and to watch French series or movies in their original version.  

French is a language of science and you know a lot of French inventions: the Hot Air Balloon by Les Frères Montgolfier, the rabies vaccination and the pasteurization developed by Louis Pasteur, the stethoscope. Well-known scientific figures were also French such as René Descartes, Blaise Pascal and Lavoisier. French is still widely used in the scientific world and French companies like Alstom, Air Liquide, Saint-Gobain are well-known in this field.

Regarding fashion, French fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Yves Saint-Laurent are renowned all over the world.


French language changes, reinventes itself and does not hesitate to break the rules.

Because of that, it became a changing language which is able to adapt itself to the modern world (economy, science and new technologies) and to cultural realities. That’s why the French dictionary of l’Académie Française added 20,000 words in 50 years (from 40,000 to 60,000 words). Besides, the French language we use nowadays in every part of the Francophone world expresses the variety of the relation that people maintain with the legacy they share from Switzerland to Quebec or Francophone Africa to name a few.


It is a language for travel.

In 2016, France was ranked the world’s leading destination, with 83 millions of tourists. Speaking the language of the country you visit makes your trip much more enjoyable and allow you to discover the mentality and way of life of this country. And French is an official language in 32 countries such as Luxembourg, Madagascar, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, Seychelles, Belgium, …


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